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Nthatuoa is a young start-up private company formed by it’s sole director Nthatuoa Makhapha who is the creative brains behind the company’s wares and products, made in the heart of Cape Town, South Africa. The brand name, Nthatuoa is a Sesotho name, African translated “MY LOVED ONE”

Nthatuoa is crafting of modern, unique and artistic handmade exquisite fashion, home décor and kiddies products under the brand name “ NTHATUOA.

The brand was borne from the entrepreneurial disposition of its founder and the desire for “Transformation of natural talent into a viable business venture.”

Nthatuoa is exclusively an online store and we don’t have a physical store at the moment in any country. You can buy NTHATUOA products exclusively from our Web Shop.

Its products are largely sold on a retail market and on a limited basis; when order quantities allow, to the wholesale market.

We use PayPal to make your shopping experience easier and stress free.

PayPal is known for protecting rights of the customers so you can be sure that you are 100% safe and protected when shopping at Nthatuoa.com

Nthatuoa is a a very proud brand,I  produce our designs and clothing in-housing as opposed to factory production; and I  put love and passion  in every design I created and polished.

I’d love to hear from you and happy shopping


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